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Hey, just got back from Europe and it's great to be home... Well, it would be great but I'm not home yet. Nope, I'm on vacation on the freezing East Coast. Hanging with my folks in DC and Liberty's folks in Philly.



Hey, it looks like our next tour will be a trip around the states (as predicted). But it won't be your run of the mill J Church adventure. No, we'll be joined by Propagandhi, Avail and Fabulous Disaster on the tour. We're not sure of the route yet. But it looks like it will start in Chicago and end in Texas all spanning the month of March 2001. More details to come.



Yep, the Leni Riefenstahl's Tinder Box 7" on Love Boat is now out. You can get it from me. The b-sides include a song called Closing Time In An Early Town which is a song that just didn't quite make the final cut for One Mississippi and a cover of Neil Young's Harvest. That's a sample of some sort of cardiology machine in the background.



Hey, people keep bugging me about needing a "discussion" group to "chat" about stuff. Okay, now there is one. To join the on-going chat about J Church and all things even vaguely related (or whatever you like…) send an e-mail to the following address:



It's cold as fuck here. So I've managed to do very little. But I did get to do three cool things with Liberty…

1. We visited our friend Alex. She's about to graduate from Columbia and is freaking out. But she did take some time away from her freak out to have some Vietnamese food with us which was nice.

2. We visited a cool little "gallery" or workspace type art space called Space 1026. It's a cool little art space where people work in the back and front room is used for small sized exhibits. I think it's a collective and the whole place had a really nice early Epicenter kind of feel. While we were there, there were works by Stephen Powers and Revs. It was really cool to see the cast iron Revs tags as well as his modified city signs. Check that place out. Space 1026, 1026 Arch St 2nd Fl ­ Philadelphia, PA 19107.

3. We got to go back to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I like how the Modern / Contemporary wing lulls in the unexpecting. You start off at the corner with a few mild Cézannes and Van Goghs. Next you get some Cubist stuff and loads of Picassos. That leads you to some Abstract Expressionist stuff like Barnett Newman. This leads to Jasper Johns and some Jackson Pollock, and ultimately Duchamp. Great selection of all the most important of Duchamp's work. I'm a huge fan and find him to be one of my biggest inspirations. For the daring, the next room leads through Brancussi (how do you spell that) and eventually the Cy Twombly room. Hey, I love that stuff. But I sensed that Liberty was getting annoyed. So we retreated to safety of Mondrian and Miro. It's nice how things are now arranged. But one major problem was that I couldn't find the Rauschenbergs. Oh well, next year.



Welcome to the first ever Honey Bear Records Year End Poll!!! Hey, I always liked these things in fanzines and hopefully the convenience of doing it on-line will compel more of you to respond.


1. What were the five best records of 2000?
2. What were the five worst records of 2000?
3. What was the years biggest disappointment in music?
4. What was the years greatest success in music?
5. What is the biggest problem with bands these days?
6. What is the worst musical style?
7. Most over-rated band?
8. Who is your favorite musician of the year?
9. Who is your guilty pleasure? What band or musician do you love even though you're ashamed to admit it?
10. Do you think the issue of Major Label versus Indie Label is over?
11. Do you think the issue of punk versus un-punk is over?
12. Do you think any non-music related issues are relevant in music?
13. Destiny's Child or TLC?
14. Is the Warp Tour good, evil or boring?
15. What were the five best fanzines of 2000?
16. What were the worst fanzines of 2000?
17. What is the biggest problem with fanzines these days?
18. What is the best music venue in the world?
19. Who is the worst booking agent?
20. What were the five best record labels of 2000?
21. What were the five worst record labels of 2000?


1. What are your three favorite J Church songs?
2. What are the three worst (only three) J Church songs?
3. Do you think we should re-issue our out of print records (Quetzalcoatl, Prophylaxis, Analysis, Yes, Very Nice, etc.) or should all records go out of print at some point?
4. Should we get more serious about our videos?
5. Some years we put out 3 or 4 singles or EPs. Some years we don't do any. Which way is better?
6. Do you prefer the music or the lyrics?
7. Should we do more or less cover songs?
8. Does it matter that we don't get much music press? Is it to our benefit as underdogs that we're either ignored or despised?
9. Was One Mississippi too long or was it just long enough?
10. What do you think of our ventures into other musical styles on the record?
11. A lot of our records have acoustic stuff. Is it a nice change of pace or an abomination that makes you need to program it out on your CD changer?
12. Seriously, how does One Mississippi stack up against our previous 4 albums (Quetzalcoatl, Prophylaxis, Arbor Vitae and Drama Of Alienation)?
13. Seriously, how good was my guitar part on Rich And Young And Dumb? Did it remind you of Queen or Thin Lizzy?
14. What are the best songs on the record?
15. What are the worst songs on the record?
16. Fast or slow, which songs do you prefer?
17. Should we do more fast or slow songs live?
18. Would it be unethical for us to do Cringer songs?
19. Do we have too much merch or do you like the store?
20. Should we bring AK Press with us on tour again?
21. Should we bring Giant Robot on tour with us next time?


1. Did you vote this year in the Presidential election?
2. Do you think the time it takes to vote would be better spent sleeping in?
3. Are you vegetarian or vegan?
4. Are you straight edge?
5. How would you define yourself politically?
6. Have you ever ordered a book from AK Press?
7. Have you been meaning to, but you just haven't quite gotten around to it yet?
8. Would you order a book from AK Press if Rage Against The Machine did?
9. Do you have your own website?
10. Are you in a band?
11. Do you do a fanzine?
12. Do you run a record label?
13. Do you follow any sports?
14. Do you think sports are dumb?
15. Do you think sports are dumb with the sole exception of baseball, the great American pastime?
16. How many records do you buy a week?
17. How many bands do you see a week?
18. How many hours of TV do you watch a week?
19. How many books do you read a week?
20. Are you bored with punk?
21. Are you bored with all music?


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