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August 2002 - Work, Rest, Play, Die



Okay, if you are sick of hearing about my ever-existential life, just skip this whole thing. But for those who care and those who've asked…

Yup, Monday night was the benefit show for Honey Bear Records to make up some money for the fire. I was all psyched up for it but had developed what I thought was an ear infection over the weekend. To be safe, I went to the People's Community Clinic to get it checked out earlier in the day.

Needless to say, it was much worse than I had thought. As a heart patient, they first took my blood pressure. The average person's rate is around 100 over 70. Somehow, my blood pressure had soared to 220 over 190. In case you are wondering, that's the area where most people would get either a stroke or an aneurysm.

So, sort of repeating the situation a few years ago at the Haight Street Free Clinic, I was rushed to the nearest emergency room, which happened to be across the freeway at St. Davis. After spending hours in the ER while they tried to bring my blood pressure down, it was determined that I would have to spend at least one night in the hospital as I wasn't really responding to the medication.

After my blood pressure started to get at least somewhat normal, they decided to finally give my ears a check and see what they could do. After a quick look, the ER doctor decided that there might be a more serious problem with my ears. It looked as if I had a growth that could have been a tumor.

Anyway, there wasn't anything they could do at the time, which by then was midnight (my appointment at the PCC was at 3:45). So, I slept in my insanely expensive hospital room once again thinking of death and the irony of it all.

Of course, judging by the light heartedness of it all, you may have surmised that it was not a tumor of any sort. Unfortunately, it is a serious enough blockage that I need to see a specialist this week and until then, I'm pretty much deaf.

So, I don't really know why my heart went out of control again. It could be some of the stuff I was taking for the ear infection. It could have been my old medication running out. The Doctor said it would very easily be from all the stress and anxiety over having our house burn down. Either way, I'm on new medication as of today.

That's twice in the last five years I've had to hear a Doctor at a clinic tell me "you should be dead in your condition." Did I mention I'm rediscovering existentialism?

Endnote: As I write this a few days later, I found out that my near death experienced was only one tragedy on the night of the benefit. After the show, the Rise loaded up their gear only to have their truck stolen with everything inside lost. FUCK! Looks like they lost over $20,000 in gear. This is a fucked up situation. If you can help in anyway, get in touch with their singer Cory



Two new CDs are finally out on the label. J Church's Palestine CD is out and DFI's CD is also out. Here's a little info…

Palestine is a collection of demos and random recordings mostly from 1997 that were supposed to be for our follow-up to Drama Of Alienation. For one reason or another, that never happened (we spent almost that whole year on the road and didn't get around to doing a proper LP) and after the implosion of that line-up and my subsequent hospitalization, those songs were scrapped. I've gone back to check them out and found that I really like them a lot. I even like the rough recording quite a bit. There are some guffaws and some roughness. But I like it and thought it would be a shame to let these songs vanish forever. Besides, it's as good a time as any to put out a J Church record as a benefit for the label.

None of the songs on Palestine ever got recorded in a proper studio and this collection is really the only place to hear these songs.

DFI is the solo project of Dave Didonato, who I'm also starting to play music with here in Austin. This is actually his fourth full length though the first that wasn't entirely self-released. Dave is a genius and a brilliant guitarist. His arrangements are crazy. Me and other people that are familiar with DFI have described it as combining the Fucking Champs, Ween, Orthrelm and Fantomas.

Both titles are $10 ppd. each from me. You can send check, money order or Pay Pal. Checks and M.O.s should be made out to Lance Hahn and NOT Honey Bear Records.

Spread the word on these releases. I'm doing all of the promo myself, so I can use all the help I can get. Incidentally, if there is a cool radio station or show in your area, lemme know. I've also kinda sucked especially with radio.



Yeah, yeah. I know the Honey Bear site is down. I've been so busy I really haven't been able to deal with it. I'm pretty broke too, as you can imagine. So, the domain name expired and I just renewed it. I'm thinking of splitting Gisol as it seems like they don't know what the hell they're doing anyway. I'll get it going soon and I'll have it updated with current info and a huge, dark void where all the mail-order once was.



Anyone out there got any live J Church on video, cassette or otherwise? Thinking of putting together some sort of multi-media live thing as another fundraiser for the label. Lemme know.



You probably already know that David Hayes is has got a newsletter going for Very Small now. It's David, so it's surely worth reading. Here is how you join…



Yup, the Giants just lost Game 7 and I couldn't even bring myself to watch. After the heartbreaking loss in Game 6, I knew it was over. I could just feel it. What can I say?

Despite my total heartbreak, I have to admit that I do like the Angels despite their evil corporate connections (it's really hard to think of those things when it comes to any pro sports). So, I guess I'm a little glad for them. I just can't believe it had to come at the loss of my Giants.

Having said all that, I have to admit that it was one of the worst World Series I've ever seen. Just from the standpoint of being a baseball fan, I really don't think that either team was ever really at the top of their game for more than two or three innings. I loved watching the Giants put up 16 runs in Game 5. But jeez, this whole series was about pitching that went from mediocre to fucking lousy.

It's probably unlikely that either team will be back in the World Series next year. But it would be nice.

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