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It's Getting' Cold in 2002 - Free the Posh Spice Nine!



Okay, so you as you are hopefully already aware, the J Church Palestine CD and the DFI self-titled CD are now out and in stores. If you are one of those folks who prefer mail-order (as well you should!), they're $10 post-paid from me (checks/mo's to Lance Hahn and Pay Pal to If you are ordering from Europe, that's $14 and from Asia it's $17. I'm really happy that people seem to be digging both of these records. It's a huge relief. Now let's see if anyone buys them…

Dave and I are working on making proper sheet music available for the DFI record. Yup, you'll be able to get that right from me for $4 ppd.

Also, I'll be finally getting those Storm The Tower 7"s back in stock. Thanx to everyone who has waited so patiently after having sent orders in. I'll let you know as soon as I've got all the parts here.



It's time to try and raise some money for the label. After sending out a few hundred promos of the J Church and DFI CDs, I found that I just had a few dollars in the label fund. So here are some items for sale for your perusal.

First off, the live series ­ I'm finally getting around to doing something I've wanted to do since I first put out those live CDRs. I'm gonna start releasing them as super limited edition LPs as fundraisers for the label. They will each be $15 post paid and limited to 50 copies! Yeah, like the singles club (which I do plan to continue as soon as I've got the funds) it sort of panders to the collector market. But it seems a little less awkward than all the benefit shows that are happening in my name. I mean, I'm extremely grateful for anyone doing a benefit for me and to everyone who has donated stuff. But if the money goes right to me, I'd like to think I'm personally giving SOMETHING back in return.

The first live album will be HB022 You Don't Have To Say `No' ­ Live at Peabody's in Cleveland 03-17-97. You can order it now and there is no limit to how many you can order. First come first serve…

I may also do some crazy limited singles with unreleased stuff in the new year.

Here are some other older J Church things I've got back in stock for mail-order…

T-shirts ­ I've got a batch of shirts left over from our last tour. The sizes are XL, L, M and baby doll. They're $12 ppd.

I've got quite a few of the old J Church 7"s and CDs. I'll get the full list up at some point. But e-mail me if there is something in particular that you're looking for.

It's not too late to join the singles club. I'll be getting that back off the ground in the beginning of next year. To all of you overseas people who's copies of the first two singles were destroyed in the fire, have no fear: I'll have the records repressed at the beginning of next year and you'll have your J Church and Hard Skin singles.



So, despite all of the disaster and debt caused by 2002, I do have many plans for the label next year.

First of all, I'll finally get it together to release the Flowers In The Dustbin retrospective CD. It will include just about everything they recorded including their 12" on All The Madmen (run by the Mob), their 7" on Mortarhate (Conflict's label), their cassette on 96 Tapes (run by Rob of the Sect and Sean of Wat Tyler) and their final single on Cold Harbour. It's pretty great stuff that was very unique while being a part of the early `80s anarcho punk scene. Incidentally, the band also featured guitarist Simon Barry who would later play in Cringer for a while.

It's looking more and more like I'll be able to license an NTSC version of Beautiful Frenzy on video for North America. As some of you may know, this is the recent documentary made about the Ex. Totally inspiring, I've seen the film several times myself.

If it weren't for all the disaster of late, we would be talking about a second Storm the Tower 7" rather than a desperate repress of the first. So, their second record will be coming out some time early next year. Hopefully, it will be quickly followed by a full length CD.

It's crazy to have active bands on the label again. I guess it's safe to assume that unless he finds greener pastures, there will be another DFI disc next year.

Seeing as DFI, Storm The Tower and J Church have all interacting members at the moment, we're making a lot of touring plans for next year. Between recording and releasing stuff, all three bands will hopefully take to as many countries as possible. We've got new dreams and we've gotta make `em real.

I've also been talking for over a year now about releasing a collection of recordings by Metro Youth / Sanction including the original, full length version of their classic Brutalized from the second Bullshit Detector comp on Crass and their unreleased 7" also recorded for Crass Records. The tapes are really amazing, so I'm hoping there'll be enough interest to do it up properly.

Then, of course, there is the cross I carry with me wherever I go, J Church. We've been feverishly working on new material including an epic, Cradle to the Grave meets A Quick One type song that is coming together surprisingly nicely. There is also a bunch more material in the Palestine vein which I may be thinking about releasing since people seem to be really into that one much to my dismay (and pleasure). There are always the Allied reissues somewhere in the background. There's really no rush or time limit on any of this stuff.



I was able to finally buy a track ball for the computer. Sounds stupid, but it's a huge relief. These days, it really is the little things. Getting CDs and guitar stuff from everyone from friends and labels has been really cool.

Starting to redecorate too. Anybody know Barry McGee's email? Been meaning to get in touch forever. Now, I'm really hoping he's still up for trading as it would be nice to have something of his in my house.



Some people are freaking out and others aren't. I don't know. Is anyone really that surprised about how the elections turned out? It seems like the Democrats have spent most of the last year going far out of their way to prove what people like me have been saying all along: the United States is a one party system.

It's the same old boring story, but in this country we have a right wing party and an even more right wing party. Lately, since Clinton at least, there's been virtually no difference at all. The Democrats don't care about you anymore than the Republicans do. The Democrats have also shown that they're not going to stop war with Iraq. No agenda and no identity means the Democrats lose and fuck them anyway. I don't think there's been a president worth voting for since Jefferson.

I think that this election should, if nothing else, make a lot of decisions much more clear cut for the left. It's not as if the Democrats were gonna stop the war or fight poverty or do anything to protect our civil liberties. But now we don't have a bunch of lame-ass liberals talking about how great things would be with the Democrats in power. Nope, the United States (and by this I mean the government) is now unadulterated, pure evil.

But I'm no cynic. No, don't ever think that about me. We've got some shitty times ahead with the way the economy is heading and the impending war and even Interpol talking about how something big and bad is about to happen. But now is the time when more and more people are gonna be forced by circumstance to climb out of their apathy. You can't be blinded by the ugly rows of little American flags when the problems are directly affecting your life.

Remember Reagan and Bush? Remember what we were doing then? Remember the Gulf War? Those were some fucked up times and to varying degrees, people rose to the challenge. Maybe we didn't stop the war. But a lot of people were sent down different life paths when they woke up to realize that America was not a great, democracy loving, freedom defending nation that they all thought it was.

It was during these times that the DIY network took root. It was the anti-Apartheid movement that was happening with shanty towns on campuses everywhere. It was the No Business As Usual, War Chest and Stop the City campaigns. It was the solidarity with revolutionary movements in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. It started as a scream of pure frustration but ended with people realizing that they had to clean up their own backyard first.

Hence the rebirth of punk DIY as a lifestyle and not just something you write about. You can't call that cynicism.



GREAT CLEARING OFF, THE - Within This Inch, We Are Free 7"

There's been a lot of cool stuff happening around the country lately, but who can really argue that Philly isn't the capitol of hardcore cool and has been for the past few years. In the grand tradition that brought the world Kill the Man Who Questions and RAMBO, comes the debut EP of The Great Clearing Off. Don't know much about these guys except that they're bent on destroying consumerism and they've read a little Shakespeare. Didn't Shakespeare have great contempt for the common people?

Anyway, this is a lively little hardcore record that sounds clean and while it may be a mode done to death, if it's done with enough spunk, that's great. Certainly good enough for me as most hardcore singles are just souvenirs of potentially great live performances. And what's wrong with that? Just because your record may never have the impact of your live show doesn't mean you shouldn't try. These kids are trying.

I should also probably mention that this seems to be the first release from Cheap Art Records that's run by Mike and Andrew from Kill the Man. It's all good news.
(Cheap Art Records ­ PO Box 2101 ­ Philadelphia, PA 19103)

MORRISON, VAN - Celebrities… At Their Worst Volume 3.1 CD

Hey, fuck y'all, I like Van Morrison. You probably would too if you just gave him a fucking chance. Yeah, right. You little rugrats get back to your fucking Orchid and International Noise Conspiracy and Blood Brothers and leave me with my Astral Weeks… Blah, blah, blah…

I'd heard that Van the Man had recorded a bunch of stuff back in the old days that was purposefully dreadful. The idea was that by recording a bunch of horrible, un-releasable stuff, he would be let out of his contract. At the time of this recording, he was obligated to Bang Records who in turn owed him tens of thousands of dollars.

This disc is a document of those 31 god-awful songs he recorded with this in mind. A lot of it is just totally half assed pop songs with no thought put into them like Twist And Shake, Shake And Roll, Stomp And Scream and Scream and Holler. All these songs are in a row and are essentially the same thing interchanging the verbs. It's an interesting little mantra of disrespect.

The songs I think are really funny are the more mean-spirited ones that take aim at the label like The Big Royalty Check, Thirty Two, Here Comes Dumb George, and Dumb Dumb George. I know how you feel and I'm feeling your pain, Van.

What I'm trying to say is: this shit is classic!


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