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Spring 2003 - Indie Love Rock Holocaust



Yeah, there's the war. I'm obviously against just about anything and everything that the US government is behind. If you're reading this, you probably feel similarly or at least you're not surprised by that statement. I really can't keep commenting on it. When the media started to proudly report on the militaries use of dolphins, it reached an apex of absurdity for me. Anyway, rather than me ranting on about it, here are some excellent sources for news, analysis and information about the war.

And of course…



Okay, working on a major summer tour for all the active Honey Bear Records band. Yup, I'm starting to book a full tour with J Church, Storm the Tower and DFI. I haven't booked a tour in some time, so I'll need all the help I can get.

Here is our tentative schedule. Let me know where you can help…

23 Fr Denton, TX
24 Sa Lubbock or Amarillo
25 Su Albuquerque, NM
26 M Phoenix, AZ
27 Tu Los Angeles, CA
28 W SF
29 Th SF
30 W Portland, OR
31 Th Seattle, WA

1-5 Canada
6 W Minneapolis, MN
7 Th Chicago, IL
8 F Cleveland, OH
9 Sa Pittsburgh, PA
10 Su Philly
11 M Boston, MA
12 Tu NYC
13 W NYC
14 Th Baltimore, MD
15 F Richmond, VA
16 Sa Chapel Hill, NC
17 Su Columbia, SC
18 M Atlanta, GA
19 Tue somewhere in Florida
20 W somewhere in Florida
21 Th
22 F Houston, TX Fat Cat's (AKA Mary Jane's)
23 Sa Austin, TX Emo's

So that is the basic routing. Everything is subject to change of course. Let me know where you can help as we wanna keep this a pretty DIY tour doing more halls than clubs for a change.



Okay, we've got two doses of new studio material on the way. As I write this, I really don't know who is going to put any of this stuff out. But I can at least describe it for ya…

First of all, we've got a split LP coming out with Storm the Tower. It's all new material from both bands. I don't actually know the names of the songs on the Storm the Tower side. But our side includes Terror Or Love, Ghostwriter, Wonderful, The Satanists Convene and Mature Shower Curtain. They were all recorded at a pretty nice studio here called Music Lane which has since been taken over by born again Christians. Ah, this is Texas after all. It was all produced and mixed by Lars Goransson who has done everything from Severed Head Of State to the Cardigans.

At the same time, we recorded what will be our next full length. Don't know the title. But many of you already know about at least one song. We've been playing side 2 live in our past few gigs. It's in some ways a tribute to the Subhumans' Cradle to the Grave. But it's our style. Society is a Carnivorous Flower is a 15 minute long track made up of many smaller songs. Lyrically, it's about the student / worker strikes in Paris back in May '68. That's where the title comes from.

Side one of the album is made up of six brand new songs including Overconfident, Keep Smiling America, Styrofoam, 210, Tree House of Love and Austin's Shitty Limits.

This record will probably be out on Honest Don's. But it's been so long, I really couldn't say for sure. As soon as I know, you'll know…



Hey, our drummer Chris is on the road with one of his many bands, Severed Head of State. They are over in Europe. Check `em out if you get the chance. The dates can be found at


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