It's A Living… But It's Not A Life #12.95
J Church/Honey Bear ­ Sesame Street Day ­ Safe European Tour



Here we go! Europe bound! Come say hello!
11/14 - Exeter, England @ Cavern
11/15 - Leeds, England @ Packhorse
11/16 - London, England @ The Windmill w/Reno Divorce, Chillerton
11/17 - Dublin, Ireland @ The Voodoo Lounge
11/18 - Belfast, Ireland @ The Pavillon Bar
11/19 - England
11/20 - High Wycombe, England @ Roundabout
11/21 - Leicester, England @ Charlotte
11/22 - England
11/23 - France
11/24 - Poitiers, France
11/25 - France
11/26 - Bordeaux, France @ Local Universel
11/27 - St. Etienne, France @ Kany Kaly
11/28 - Milano, Italy @ Leon Cavallo
11/29 - Italy
11/30 - Torino, Italy @ Antidox
12/1 - Bologna, Italy @ Atlantide
12/2 - Udine, Italy @ Volturno
12/3 - Zagreb, Croatia @ KSET
12/4 - Budapest, Hungary
12/5 - Prague, Czech Republic @ 007
12/6 - TBA
12/7 - Dresden, Germany @ AZ Conni
12/8 - Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island
12/9 - Braunschweig, Germany @ Nexus
12/10 - Hamburg, Germany @ Störtebeker
12/11 - Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000 Fryd
12/12 - Hannover, Germany @ Korn
12/13 - Germany
12/14 - Oldenburg, Germany @ Alhambra
12/15 - Dortmund, Germany @ JUZ
12/16 - Saarlouis, Germany @ JUZ
12/17 - Nürnberg, Germany @ K4
12/18 - Munich, Germany @ Kafe Kult
12/19 - Stuttgart, Germany
12/20 - Bonn, Germany @ Bla



By the time I get back from Europe, the next in the series of super limited live LPs should be here. This record is recorded live at Gilman Street. THERE WILL ONLY BE 20 PRESSED! No promo. No free stuff. It's $15 ppd. If you order it and are too late, you will be first in line for the next live LP which is live at Claremont College. Obviously, if you're feeling ahead of the game, you can order them both for $30. The best guarantee for getting them is to pay with Pay Pal where my account is

In the same spirit, I'll be releasing a series of 7" records. Keep reading these e-mails if you're interested as they will also be in limited quantity of less than 100.



MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, THE (dir. by Walter Salles)

I just caught this before it left the theaters and I'm glad I did. Like most of you, I read this at THAT age when I was also reading stuff like Malcolm X's autobiography and the Tao of Pooh. I'm still down with it all. I waited until the last minute mostly because I was sort of worried this would seem trite or simplistic to me now.

In fact, The Motorcycle Diaries is a beautiful and for the most part understated look at Ché's legendary trip across South America that led to his political awakening. Rather than give you some really obvious political rite of passage, you get a beautiful story about the love of the people and the land. More so than his Marxist adopted philosophy, you get to see how the trip evolved his ideas of internationalism. Out of the theater, the audience can analyze for themselves how internationalism is something you feel and how revolution is not something you can simply learn in college.

Director Walter Salles knows what he's doing. The film is as warm and concerned as his other films like Central Station and Behind The Sun. His footage of Machu Picchu is as beautiful as Aguirre. He must have found the exact same stoop that Herzog used.

Gael Garcia Bernal is great as the pre-revolutionary Che. Actually, he's the pre-Che Che. I don't know if I've seen him in a movie I didn't like. Amores Perros, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Crime Of Padre Amaro and even Don't Tempt Me. I'm really curious about Cuba Libre. I'm not really familiar with Rodrigo De La Serna. But he's great as Alberto Granado, Che's travel partner and biographer.

Hey, I like communist movies. I like communist everything. But this movie is beautiful to watch no matter what you think of Che. It's one of those movies that I just can't imagine transferring to the small screen with even half of it's power.

It's great to see that the new found popularity and power of Latino and Latina stars has lead to such great biopics that reach large North American audiences starting with Frida and now this