ABCs Of Punk

ABCs Of Punk compilation cover

Release Notes:

Whirled Records, Picture disc LP & 7" / CD, 1997

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


Action Patrol - Benign (live)
Braid - Bridge To Canada
Cornelius - Novelties Of Our Grandfathers
Doc Hopper - Iron Fist
Eagle Bravo - Steppin' Out
Four Hundred Years - Sequence
Gus - Hand To Mouth
Hellnation - Information Barrier
In/Humanity - Super Plan B
J Church - Socialist Newspaper
Kerosene 454 - T-Minus 100
Less Than Jake - Son Of Dick
Mens Recovery Project - Fresh Frankness
Norman Mayer Group - Albeit L
Oblivion - Hey Chewbacca
Pezz - Mohunker
Quadiliacha - Ben Burton Park
Rye Coalition - We Have Ridden
Sleepytime Trio - Flake City
The Fresh-o-matics - Death on I-85
Unsettled - Genocide
Vanbuilderass - I Think I Can See
Wesley Willis - I Can't Drive
X-rays - Totaled Baby
(Young) Pioneers - The Marching Blue Ants
Zoinks! - Pedestal

More info:

26 bands on this compilation and as the title suggests, there's one for each letter and the track list is in alphabetical order. Eagle Bravo's song is a cover of Joe Jackson's big early-80s hit. If Joe ever hears it he's gonna sue... Due to the time limits of vinyl, the picture disc covers A-T and the additional 7" has U-Z .