Cool Beans zine #11

Cool Beans zine #11 cover

Release Notes:

Cool Beans!, CD w/zine, 1999

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Andee (drums)


Frank (uncredited spoken word piece)
Anton Maiden - 22 Acacia Avenue
Fiver - ">>>>>>>" Live at the Bottom Of The Hill
Weasel-MX - So Perfect
J Church - Sweet Talkin' Woman
Moons - Epstein
Thingy - To The Innocent
Dealership - Twins
Songs For Emma - Sing Praise
Lo Pro - What You Thinkin' 'Bout
Wood Stove (uncredited spoken word piece)
Rondelles - Angels We Have Heard On High
lowercase - Live @ Bluebird Fox Theater
Queen Cobra - Bad To Worse
The Proper Words (uncredited song)
Old Grandad - The Early Redneck Gets The Cousin
10,000 - Cadmium (Instrumental Mix)
Food - Mr. Robotman
I Am Spoonbender - He's In There (Cocaine Sunrise Mix)
Michael (uncredited spoken word piece)

More info:

More of Matt's eclectic mixes of punk, indie, spoken word and art-noise. Though the latter category seem less prevalent than usual. After Anton Maiden's utterly tuneless (supposedly funny) Iron Maiden cover, it's all pretty good. The last track, Michael, is either a sample from or take-off of Oprah's classic interview with everyone's favourite (alleged) kiddy-toucher, Michael Jackson, where he tries to convince us that he's really just a normal guy. Who loves children a lot.

Sweet Talkin' Woman is a cover of the Electric Light Orchestra song and it was probably the very last 'new' song from the Gardner era to come out - the other four ELO covers had already been released. There are 2 other J Church connections on the CD. Adam played drums for The Moons, while Songs For Emma feature the guitar-playing talents of Mike Millett of Broken Rekids fame.