Split LP with Discount

Split LP with Discount cover - J Church sideSplit LP with Discount cover - Discount side

Release Notes:

Rugger Bugger Records, LP, 2000

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Andee (drums), Johnny Takeaway (additional guitar), Harriet Scott / Manda Rin (additional vocals)


J Church - Telephone Line
J Church - Turn To Stone
J Church - Sweet Talkin' Woman
J Church - Don't Bring Me Down
J Church - Tightrope

Discount - Accident Waiting To Happen
Discount - Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
Discount - A Pict Song
Discount - Help Save The Youth Of America
Discount - North Sea Bubble

More info:

This album was originally supposed to come out on Fuelled By Ramen Records in 1998. J Church were scheduled to release a 7"/CD EP of Electric Light Orchestra covers, Discount a 7"/CD EP of Billy Bragg covers, then the two would be combined on a split album. There's a reference to the EPs (marked 'coming soon') in the Mailorder Is Fun compilation CD booklet. Discount released their EP and the J Church tracks were recorded but unfortunately (presumably due to Lance's illness) both their EP and the split album never happened.

However, both sets of songs have now been released on three separate occasions. Billy Bragg's manager loved the original EP so much that he re-released it (in the UK, at least) on his own label. The J Church tracks were spread over the Turn To Stone singles and three compilations during 1997-8, then formed the opening quarter of the fourth singles collection, Meaty, Beaty, Shitty Sounding.

Johnny Takeaway from Hard Skin plays on Don't Bring Me Down, Harriet Scott co-sings all the ELO covers and Manda Rin from Bis (who at one time was married to Discount's guitarist Ryan) does the shouty middle-eight on Turn To Stone.