Ear Of The Dragon

Ear Of The Dragon compilation cover

Release Notes:

Fortune 4, CD, 1995

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


aMiniature - Signer's Strut
Yanti Arifin- Losing My Cool
Versus - Reveille
Venus Cures All - Tossing Pearls
Seam - Hey Latasha
Dolomite - Day Into Night
Kicking Giant - Live For Yourself
Team Xiaoping - Your King
Cub - Sweet Nothing
Cartographers - The Naked City
Dambuilders - Smooth Control
Mint Audrey - Perfect Word
Chumley - Heavens To Betsy
J Church - I Would For You
Skankin' Pickle - Pabu Boy
Slowpoke - Mr Onion #2
Azure - It's About Time
Squash Blossom - She
David Pajo Band - Undlu

More info:

This CD is a compilation of 19 rock bands with Asian-American and Asian-Canadian members. The record label was set up by Sooyoung Park and William Shin of Seam and Ben Kim of Chicago's Asian American Institute, alongside A Sides, the music division of A magazine, an Asian-American culture and lifestyle bimonthly. There was a contemperaneous US tour featuring Seam, J Church, aMiniature and others.

The version of I Would For You is different to the one on the Your Shirt 7". The front cover is a collage of rice cookers.