Mailorder Is Fun!

Mailorder Is Fun! compilation coverMailorder Is Fun! compilation re-issue cover

Release Notes:

Asian Man Records, CD, 1998, re-issued 2004(?) with new cover

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Andee (drums), Johnny Takeaway (additional guitar), Harriet Scott (additional vocals)


Slapstick - There's A Metalhead In The Parking Lot
Link 80 - Slap
Slow Gherkin - Hava Nagilah
Unsteady - B.A.
The Broadways - 15 Minutes
Korea Girl - Reunion
The Chinkees - Hana
Johnny Socko - Boraborinski Brothers
Tuesday - Goodbyes Have Been Said
MU330 - X-Mas Card
Potshot - Radio
Let's Go Bowling - Oatmeal For X-Mas
Bruce Lee Band - Gerry Is Strong
Blue Meanies - Dummy Room
The Schleptones - Too Little Time To Waste
Alkaline Trio - For Your Lungs Only
Less Than Jake - Liquor Store
Monkey - No Color, No Power
Pushover - Pitiful
Nicotine - Howie Mobile
The Impossibles - Plan B
Animal Chin - Seven
17 Years - What's Your Name?
The Supaflies - Hot Rod '75
J Church - Don't Bring Me Down
Funsize - Pickle
Discount - Soup
The Hippos - Please
Ann Beretta - Efforts Wasted

More info:

This CD is actually a combined label sampler for Asian Man and Fuelled By Ramen, though it was released purely on Asian Man. It's mostly ska-punk - take that as an encouragement or a warning according to your preference. The tracks up to Nicotine's are from Asian Man bands - well, Nicotine aren't on Asian Man but Mike who runs the label wanted to help them out.

The last nine songs are billed as 'Fueled By Ramen bonus' and are tracks by bands who had or were about to release records on that label, which is run by a member of Less Than Jake. J Church's contribution is one of the five Electric Light Orchestra cover versions that they recorded around this time, but the planned EP never came out. See the split LP with Discount page for the full story.

The CD cover on the left is the original version. The one on the right is the re-issue.