My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place 7" cover

Release Notes:

Honey Bear Records, 7", 1993(?). 1,000 on black vinyl, 500 on clear vinyl.

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Wade (drums)


My Favorite Place
Planet Earth
Night Time

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "It's kind of heartbreaking to think about it. Reminds me of a time that was pretty sad and reminds me of a time I really loved (and lost forever). Sorry, I don't mean to get all emo. But I can't listen to this record ever again. It's the soundtrack for my sorry excuse of a life. Night Time I recorded with Kevin Army for what was going to be the third Monsula album. It never happened (thankfully) and I kept my acoustic ditty. Wade from Corduroy drummed on this stuff. First 1,000 on black vinyl with maroon and silver covers. It's being repressed with colored vinyl and a different cover."

The song that Lance couldn't listen to in 1994 has been since re-recorded twice and they certainly play it at enough shows. Planet Earth is the Duran Duran cover that used to be shouted for a lot at gigs but which was never played because it was too complex to repeat live at the speed it was recorded.

It's not possible to confirm which pressing the cover above belongs to but either way it's definitely one of the band's worst - though still way better than the split 7" with Serpico.

Floyd, of "calls me on the phone" fame, is the MRR writer / Fat Wreck employee / general Bay Area scene elder-statesman who who has given his name to a number of records over the years, including the More RPMs Than Floyd On A Scooter sampler and, more famously, Lookout Records' The Thing That Ate Floyd compilation.

Don't confuse this 7" with the British EP of almost the same title.