New Disorder Soda

New Disorder Soda compilation cover

Release Notes:

New Disorder Records, CD, 2001

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Jeff (bass), Adam (drums)


What Happens Next? - Conditioned Consumption
Hopelifter - Saint Christopher
Quest For Quintana Roo - Weapon
Midnight Laser Beam - After This
Miso Militia - Song For John Brown
Lugosi - Lugosi
The Bananas - Rebecca
Songs For Emma - Sing Praise
Sacrilicious - Selection
Green Light Go - Failed
Pirx The Pilot - Too Much Patchouli, Not Enough Punk
Talk Is Poison - Draw Blood/Dry Run
Los Rabbis - When the Lights Go Out, It's Time To Do The Monkey Dance
The Lab Rats - Chosen My Path
Fleshies - I Got A Bruise
The Huxtables - "20"
The Cost - Maybe Another Time
Harbinger - Letter Home
Staircase - This Phone Line That Stretches Across Hills And Reservoirs
Secretions - My Sister is a Tweeker
Dory Tourette And The Skirtheads - The Independent Science Doctors
J Church - Palm Tree
The Sidekicks - Life Without Regret
Nicky Darger - Dancing Lessons
The Frisk - Take It Away

More info:

Mostly out-of-print and otherwise unavailable tracks on this compilation, from a wide variety of Bay Area DIY bands. The J Church track was an out-take from the One Mississippi sessions.