Nostalgic For Nothing

Nostalgic For Nothing album cover #1Nostalgic For Nothing album cover #2

Release Notes:

Broken Rekids, double LP / Cassette / CD, 1995. Some copies of first pressing on marbled blue vinyl. Second and later pressings with redesigned cover.

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Brendan / Reed / Wade (drums), Lydia (piano)


My Favorite Place
Ivy League College
Tide Of Fate
On Dying Alone
About The She
As I Lie...
You Almost Feel Sad
Not Given Lightly
Living With The Dreaming Body
Cool Guitar Girl
No Doves Fly Here
Band You Love To Hate
Mary Provost
Planet Earth
Night Time
Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Sweet And Sour Plums
UFOs Will Crash
Nostalgic For Nothing
If I'm Lonely...
At The End Of The M1

More info:

The second singles collection, 26 songs in a little under an hour taken from eight separate main releases (some tracks appeared on multiple singles). Though technically it's only seven, as one never actually came out - see below. If you're new to J Church and want to hear what they sound like, this is one of the better records to start with. The singles collected are:

Ivy League College 7"
Lama Temple 7" (not the title track)
Split 7" with Wat Tyler #1
Split 7" with Serpico
Split 7" with Garden Variety (never released)
Split 7" with Nails Of Hawaiian
My Favorite Place 7"
Tide Of Fate 7" / CDS

Two thirds of the songs are originals, the following are covers: At The End Of The M1 (Wat Tyler); Cool Guitar Girl (Heavenly - though with an amended title and lyrics); Last Of The Famous International Playboys (Morrissey); Living With The Dreaming Body (Poi Dog Pondering); Mary Provost (Nick Lowe); No Doves Fly Here (The Mob); Not Given Lightly (Tall Dwarves); Planet Earth (Duran Duran).

Guitar Center was also supposed to be on here but according to Mike at Broken Rekids, Lance forgot to tell him to add it. The cover above left is the original, the one above right is from the repressing.

Brendan drums on Cool Guitar Girl, No Doves Fly Here, Panama, Sleep and Tide Of Fate. Wade is on My Favorite Place and Planet Earth. Reed plays on everything else except Birthday and Night Time, which have no drums.