Prophylaxis album cover

Release Notes:

Allied Recordings / Broken Rekids, LP, CD, 1994. 1,700 LPs with bonus 7". Some copies on flame-effect vinyl.

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Brendan (drums), Lydia (piano)


Foreign Films
No Surprise
Financial Zone
New Dreams Broken
Picture This
Marge Schott
Why I Liked Bikini Kill
A Letter To A Friend
I Can't Be Nice To You
I Can't Be Nice To You (alternate version) (CD only)
Sacrifice (live) (bonus 7" only)
What Could I Have Done (live) (bonus 7" only)

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "Our second full-length release. It sure took long enough. Songs include No Surprise (most famous for clever use of the word "lesbian"), Lucidity (basically an update of Commodity), New Dreams Broken (about a guy that lives across the street and stares out of his window every day. It's my guess about his life), Picture This (about my old neighbourhood in LA that was toasted in the Rodney King riots. Fine with me), Marge Schott (Conspiracy theory. Bruce Lee's death=Marge Schott owning the Reds), Why I Like Bikini Kill (I love them. It's true), Chemicals (my straight-edge, anti-speed message... sorta), and I Can't Be Nice To You (about the San Francisco Weekly and not M.R.R., although I guess it could be). The CD includes a secret track which is a piano / melodica four-track version of I Can't Be Nice To You with Lydia tickling the keys."

In the CD booklet Lance talks about Why I Liked Bikini Kill: "I hate explaining songs, but this could easily be misunderstood. It seems like every fanzine I read these days has a column slagging Bikini Kill or Riot Grrrls. Bikini Kill and Riot Grrrl are cool and this song is aimed at their detractors."

The coloured vinyl has to be seen to be believed - a superb red, black, yellow and orange flame pattern. Some copies of the LP appear to have been missing the lyric sheet. The live tracks on the bonus 7" were recorded in 1992 at the Women's Building in San Francisco, Brendan's second show with the band.

The back cover photo is the basketball team from Lance's old high school in Hawaii - they're namechecked in the lyrics of No Surprise.