Split 7" with Restos Fosiles

Split 7" with Restos Fosiles 7" cover - J Church sideSplit 7" with Restos Fosiles 7" cover - RF side

Release Notes:

Sniffing Recording Industries, 7", 1998. (Spanish-language website)

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - Smell It Rot
J Church - Parts Unknown

Restos Fosiles - Don Juan De Marco
Restos Fosiles - El Agua En El Vaso Ya Rebalso

More info:

A bilingual release from Argentina. The song titles on the cover and the 7" label are all in Spanish and the insert has all lyrics in English and Spanish. J Church's songs translate as Huélelo Podrirse and Partes Desconocidas and they are alternate (probably demo) versions of the tracks that appeared on The Drama Of Alienation. Restos Fosiles' second song title in English is The Water On The Glass Has Formed A Pool.

The J Church line-up on the insert includes: "alguien: bateria", i.e. "someone: drums", as by the time the single came out, Lance couldn't remember who'd played on those sessions. However, it's highly likely to be Reed.

The Restos Fosiles side of the cover is a rather fine photo of the Rat Pack showing where Tarantino stole some his Reservoir Dogs iconography. The initial pressing was just 300 copies but there was a small re-press, though as far as it's known, both versions are identical.