Split 7" with Serpico

Split 7" with Serpico cover - J Church sideSplit 7" with Serpico cover - Serpico side

Release Notes:

Dead Beat Records, 7", 1995

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - Mistake/Missed
J Church - UFOs Will Crash
J Church - Hypothesis

Serpico - Sunset Square

More info:

No, it's not your monitor, the cover really is bright green. Lovely, isn't it. No date on this one, hence the question marks above, but if the Nostalgic For Nothing compilation is in chronological order, this'd be from the Reed era. The inner sleeve is not much help - only the band's address and a big photo of a guy with his feet strapped to 1 meter-long blocks of ice and being pulled along the road by an old car. It takes all sorts...

A word in praise of Serpico (known as Sleeper until a mid 90s BritPop band of the same name complained, and they had major label legal backing): one of those bands that put out loads of great songs on a variety of 7"s - many still available - but never really got the success they should have.