Songs For The Brokenhearted

Songs For The Brokenhearted compilation cover

Release Notes:

Glue Factory Records, CD, 1998

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Brendan (drums), remixed by Money Mark


Oneline Drawing - Pollyanna
Metroshifter - Theme From Songs For The Brokenhearted
Teen Heroes - Misery
Weston - Eternally
Gameface - Mean (Demo Version)
One Hundred Words For Snow - Closure At Terminal Fourteen
Longfellow - Brazilian Shack Town
J-Rod - Stretch
Action League - I Don't Care For You
Roadside Monument - Aspen Ages Beautifully
Boy Sets Fire - Waiting For The Punchline
Diskothio - Bitter Muse
Mastodon - Breathe
The Killingtons - Hairspray Failure
J Church - Disappear (Version Chula Vista)
The Juliana Theory - Pictures Stars And Dreams
Jimmy Eat World - Spangle

More info:

Disappear originally appeared on the Quetzalcoatl album. This version is a club-type remix by Money Mark - I believe the title means 'good-looking version'. According to the record label, it's "seventeen tracks about being dumped ... a touching tribute to St. Valentine."