Soul Patch And Cho Chos

Soul Patch And Cho Chos album cover

Release Notes:

Skippy Records, CD, 1995

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Aaron / Brendan / Reed (drums), Caroleen (additional vocals)


Fascist Radio
Case Number 566 983
Marge Schott 2
Part Of The Problem
Stupid Lesson
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Lama Temple
If I'm Lonely...
At The End Of The M1

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "Our friend Naomi who mostly organised our Japanese tour with Yoichi runs her label out of Disk Heaven Record Store over there. Included are Fascist Radio (about how un-punk and uncool a lot of people think we are), Case Number (about standing in unemployment lines), Part Of The Problem (our anti-dogma... anthem?), High (I'm never smoking pot in Hancock Park again) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (My favourite actress in the whole world. I already have another song about her). Marge Schott 2 is a different version of the song featured on Prophylaxis, with weird vocal and melodica effects and with Caroleen from the Bedlam Rovers on vocals with me. Stupid Lesson was recorded live at Klub Kommotion in San Francisco when Aaron was still in the band. Oh, and Travellers was tossed on there just because we can."

This particular release was Japan-only but all the songs except the alternate version of Marge Schott subsequently appeared elsewhere (or were already released, in the case of Travellers). Tracks 1,2 and 4-8 are on the Precession Of Simulacra 10"/CD (Part Of The Problem is only on the CD), the last two songs are on the Nostalgic For Nothing singles collection, Alone At Night 7" and two split 7"s and Travellers is on about 5 other releases, the easiest to find being the Meaty, Beaty, Shitty Sounding singles collection. It's also the only song to feature Brendan and everywhere else its title is spelled with a single 'l'.

The record was named after the two cats Lance owned at that time.