Turn To Stone

Turn To Stone 7" cover #1 Turn To Stone 7" cover #2

Turn To Stone CD cover

Release Notes:

Damaged Goods Records, 2x7" / 1x CD Single, 1998

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Andee (drums), Harriet Scott (backing vocals), Manda Rin (backing vocals)


7" #1
Turn To Stone
You're The One That I Want
Part Of The Problem

7" #2
Turn To Stone
Kill Surf City
Lemon Zinger

CD single
Turn To Stone
Telephone Line
Winter Comes Again

More info:

This was the first release after a long-lay off for the band but unfortunately came out right before Lance's illness. The lead track was taken from the Cat Food album. Half of the songs are covers: the lead track, and Telephone Line were originally recorded by the Electric Light Orchestra, Kill Surf City is a Jesus And Mary Chain song (the sleeve incorrectly credits it also to ELO) and yes, it is THAT You're The One That I Want, with Harriet Scott singing Sandy's lines.

Harriet also contributes to both ELO covers and Manda Rin does the shouty bit in the middle-eight of Turn To Stone. She was the singer and keyboard player for the Scottish indie band Bis and was at one time married to Ryan, the guitarist with Discount, who were J Church's friends and touring partners. It's a small world...

Of the originals, Part Of The Problem was an old song being given its first official British release, while Indignation had been intended for a release under Lance's side-project name, Cilantro. It shares some melodies and lyrics with Sound Guy Smiley from the Cat Food album.

The sleeves above are, in order, 7" #1, 7" #2, CD single.