Split 7" with Wat Tyler #1

Split 7" with Wat Tyler #1 cover - J Church sideSplit 7" with Wat Tyler #1 cover - Wat Tyler side

Release Notes:

Suspect Device Records, 7", 1994

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - If I'm Lonely...
J Church - At The End Of The M1

Wat Tyler - Played For And Got
Wat Tyler - Smells Like Dog Poo
Wat Tyler - If The Kids Are United

More info:

At The End Of The M1 is a cover of a Wat Tyler song, about which the famously self-deprecating Wat Tyler commented "What the fuck has the world come to?". They, in turn, cover Sham 69's punk classic as their final track.

Wat Tyler's side of the sleeve is a piss-take of the John Spencer Blues Explosion, featuring Frank Spencer, a British sitcom character from the 1970s. And the J Church side really is almost entirely black.