Whorehouse: Songs And Stories

Whorehouse: Songs And Stories album cover

Release Notes:

Damaged Goods Records, LP / CD, 1996

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed / Wade (drums)


New Year
Simple Gesture
San Francisco Thespians Part 2
Over Compensation
Best Served Cold
Thirty Second Song
Guitar Center
Nothing Worth Knowing
Accentuated Nothing
The Overwhelming Smell
My Lie

More info:

This was a 'clear out the studio' collection - old songs from all sorts of places gathered together on one album. Three tracks - Guitar Center, Nothing Worth Knowing and The Overwhelming Smell - had already appeared on various compilations. Simple Gesture was also released in the same year on the 'proper' album The Drama Of Alienation, with a slightly different title, but it sounds exactly the same recording so it's confusing as to why it's on both. Asshole is a Beck song, from his K album, and was released as a single a year or two before, while Lance was playing guitar for him on tour. However, the album version is possibly an alternate (new?) take.

Wade plays drums on Guitar Centre (unless it's a re-recording) and Reed is on all the other songs. The album title was 'borrowed' and adapted from Hüsker Dü.