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Latest Updates

16 October 2010: Added newsletters 13.99, 13.991 and 14.1 - 14.10. More newsletters still to come.

18 June 2009: Added lyrics to all but one song from the last album, The Horror Of Life. New Ho Chi Minh City hasn't yet been transcribed as it's so different to the lyric sheet.

15 April 2009: Added four more cover scans, all from compilations: More RPMs Than Floyd On A Scooter; P101 zine; The Winterfresh Revolution; World Famous Kintama Boxers. Now, has anyone got those Grunge 101% or Grunge 102% comps?

21 October 2007: J Church is no more. Lance Hahn, co-founder, singer, guitarist, songwriter, the embodiment of J Church, died in hospital in Austin, TX, from complications arising from his kidney disease. This site will continue as a legacy of his msical work.

The MP3 and Contact pages are currently down but everything else should work. There are more updates to come, especially lyrics and the remainder of Lance's newsletters.



From the outset this site has been assisted by J Church fans worldwide and further contributions are always welcome. If you know anything about the band that you don't see here, please get in touch. Those who have already done so include:

Alex P., Amanda Mauer, Andrea @ Loveboat Records, Anthony Annoyance, Brad Affleck, Bud Sims, Daniel Burak, Daniel @ Trust zine, Dave @ Crackle Records, David J. Hornbuckle, Dave Deluxe, David DiDonato, David Filipelli, David Stuart, Dennis Shotdown, Derek M Fricano, Drue Albeit, Fernando Mosh, Franz Barcella, Fred @ Sniffing Recording Industries, Frizbee, Gardner Maxam, Geek USA zine, Gina DiGregorio, Giovanni Caputo, Graham ENZK, Grog, Haplo Drake, Hilary Ellis, Ian Cavell, Ian Knight, Jeff West, J. Gray, Jimmy Choi, Jon Von, Justin @ Underground Communiqué Records, Kevin Halaburda, Lance Hahn, Lish Daelnar, Mark Nerdcore, Mat Rademan, Max Fish, Michael Hassett, Mike Haynes, Mike Mann, Mike @ Broken Rekids, Mikepat, Monk Dave @ Fracture zine, Nate Lewis, Niki t-hen, Olgerts Viksne, Pete D'Angelo, Peter Trenholm, Rebekah, Ryan Olson, Sam Knight, Scottie Fox, Sean Forbes, Spalding from Minority Blues Band, Steve PunkJax, Tim, Tony Davies, Tony Piscia, Tony @ Suspect Device records, Tom Scott, Tommie Pathetic, Vishal Gujadhur and Zeg. Without those fine people this site would be a hell of a lot smaller. Thanks all.

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