More RPMs Than Floyd On A Scooter

More RPMs Than Floyd On A Scooter compilation cover

Release Notes:

Fat Wreck Chords / Honest Don's Hardly Used Recordings / Pink & Black, Promo CD, 2000

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Adam (drums)


Nerf Herder - Jonathan
Bracket - Everyone Is Telling Me I'll Never Win, If I Fall In Love With A Girl From Marin
Avail - High Lonesome
Inspection 12 - Secure
Chixdiggit! - Melissa Louise
Fabulous Disaster - My Static
Snuff - Yuki
Big In Japan - Hell Before Reno
Dance Hall Crashers - She's Trying
J Church - No Jazz
Strung Out - Jackie-O

More info:

This CD was given away free on the 2000 Warped Tour and featured new releases from various bands on Fat Wreck and related labels - in J Church's case, the One Mississippi album on Honest Don's. The band named Big In Japan have nothing to do with the early '80s UK New Wave band of the same name.

That's Floyd on the cover - he's the same guy who called Lance "on the phone" in My Favorite Place and he also gave his name to Lookout Records' classic The Thing That Ate Floyd compilation.