P101 zine V.4

P101 V.4 zine coverP101 V.4 CD cover

Release Notes:

P101 zine, CD w/zine, 1998

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Andee (drums)


McCrackins - Rebel Kind
30footFALL - Entertainment vs Enlightenment
Catch-22 - Keasbey Nights
Millencollin - Random I Am
Pinto - Refuge
Mock - Get In Line
Refused - Liberation Frequency
Bigwig - Your In Sample
Turtlehead - Gary D
Man Or Astro-Man? - Lo Batt
J Church - Winter Comes Again
Panic - Brit-Pop Girls
Zoinks! - Wooden Nickel
Four Letter Word - Rich White Ghetto
Grounded - Where R We Now
The Jellys - Fat Cat
The Fish Brothers - The Lobster Song
Straight Faced - Insecure
Marshes - Wahmbulance
King Prawn - Not Your Punk
Blink-182 - Waggy (live)
China Drum - Don't Throw It (It's A Rock)
Doug - (no name given)
Goober Patrol - Tow The Line
The Griswolds - Let's Pretend We're Gay
The Business - Southgate (Euro 96)

More info:

Not a great zine, and this issue was the last one I'm aware of, but I haven't read the first three so maybe they were better. On the plus side, it has possibly the only sensible interview with a member of Snuff ever printed - Duncan, to be specific. The CD has a wide cross-section of bands, from Oi (The Business) to major-label 'punk' (Wank 182), Ska (Catch-22) and Brit-punk demo-level bands (Doug).