The Winterfresh Revolution

The Winterfresh Revolution compilation cover - unavailable

Release Notes:

Breathmint Records, CD, 1998

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


Endless Mike - 802
The Thumbs - Happens All The Time (live)
J Church - Parts Unknown (alt. version)
Krhissy - Van 15
The Micronauts - Forty-two Years Experience
The Sound Of Failure - Ten Percent
Erikson - The 50's Were Better
Rallycap - Tom Sez "Phil you like Ink and Dagger and they sound just like Swiz"
Earl Nasty & The Polyester Freak Show - Uneasy
The Town Managers - Wet Dog
Steve Cooley & The All-Star Jazz Ensemble - 007
By Any Means Necessary - Prison Rape
James Love Jackson - Matt Fee
The N.C. 13's - Next Step
Chapter Nine - Main Theme (alt. version)
D.U.I. - Gulf War #2
Sputnic - Yellow Grass
Slack Action - Robotman
The Assmen - Adjusting My Nuts
Dead End Kids - Through
Boba Fett Youth - Celebrity Gun (live)
Violation - Elvis Is Dead
No Fraud - The Beat

More info:

A full-on DIY release, this one - just $5 and all of the minimal profit goes to charity. Contains one of the best band names in hardcore, Boba Fett Youth (up there with the likes of John Cougar Concentration Camp, Bastard Kestrel and Operation Cliff Clavin). The J Church track is probably the same 'alternate version' that is on the split 7" with Restos Fosiles.