World Famous Kintama Boxers

World Famous Kintama Boxers compilation cover

Release Notes:

Chicken Katsu Records, CD, 2003

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Abbey (bass), Maxine (drums)


Time To Kintama Box
Landspeeder - Novocain
Guitarazan Vs Bazzilla Featuring Drumasaurus Rex - What Is Evolution?
The Peresphone Myth - In Flight
Kite Festival - Hey, You Got Me
Soda Pop Jerk - Trading Quips
The Hand - Mississippi
Turn On Red - Shotgun
Crackpipe - Change With Time
Grickle-grass - Stale Fish
On The Bus - One Way Ride
Stoopidly Yours - Stayin' Alive
Choplogic - Spaceman Shifty
Sombertown - Tidepools
Rank Strangers - Girls Do Not Make Passes At Boys Who Wear Glasses
Take Care Of Calcium - Shinigami No Tsubasa
Munchkins In The Can - Checkerboard
J Church - Clean And Obscene
Fire For Effect - Angels Singing
SPIMA - The Curse
Sigliosi - A Mobilehome Deep In The Heavens Of Mergatroid
Stickerpuss - Normal Girl

More info:

This compilation was put together by a guy in Minneapolis and about half the bands were from that area. Four (excluding J Church) were from Hawaii and a few were Japanese. Unfortunately this compilation took about three years to put together, by which time many of the bands that originally submitted tracks had broken up.

The J Church song is remeniscent of the style and sound on the Travels In Hyper Reality EP. The CD booklet just says it was recorded "a while ago". I have no idea who Abbey and Maxine are; whether it's a misprint, whether they were friends of Lance who helped out on this recording while the band was in hiatus, or whether Lance originally meant the track for another project that never came to fruition.