Split 7" with Nails Of Hawaiian

Split 7" with Nails Of Hawaiian cover - J Church sideSplit 7" with Nails Of Hawaiian cover - Nails Of Hawaiian side

Release Notes:

Snuffy Smile Records, 7", 1994

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - Nostalgic For Nothing
J Church - If I'm Lonely...

Nails Of Hawaiian - Ride On
Nails Of Hawaiian - Shed No Tears

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "Yoichi is a really cool guy in Japan that helped organise our Japanese tour. We did most of the tour with a really cool band from over there called Nails Of Hawaiian. Their side is super tight, high speed pop punk. Our side features Nostalgic For Nothing, which is our attempt to write a Snuff-sounding song and If I'm Lonely... which is a tirade about being lonely and depressed and blaming it on my shitty record collection and all the shitty radio stations in the Bay Area. Actually we had only recorded Nostalgic For Nothing for Yoichi. But we let him take If I'm Lonely... which would later be released on our Skippy Records CD. It's pretty much Japanese only."